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The Experts in Unlocking Your Car Door 

Let’s face it, locking your keys in the car or breaking them in the ignition switch can be quite inconvenient, if not embarrassing. Don’t feel too ashamed though, as this is quite a common occurrence.  At Car Keys Experts, we unlock quite a bit of car doors every week, so rest assure that you will be on your way in no time.

Whatever the issue might be, we can fix it on the spot:

  • Unlock standard and power lock doors.
  • Repair jammed car windows.
  • Remove broken keys from the ignition
  • Ignition switch replacement
  • Programming transponder keys

Should I call CAR KEYS EXPERTS or my Car Dealership?

This is a good question that we receive often receive from our customers.
Let’s say that you have locked your keys in your beloved Toyota and you need a professional to get to you ASAP. Would it be worth contacting your local Toyota dealer or should you contact a nearby auto locksmith?

The answer is in the great price and 24 hour service that an auto locksmith, such as Car Keys Experts, can provide:

  • We are Far More Affordable– Getting a replacement set of keys directly from the dealer can be up to 4 times more expensive than from an auto locksmith. In addition, ignition switches would need to be ordered well in advance and you can be waiting for quite some time until you can drive your car again
  • We are Always Available- Car dealers usually work during business hours and usually do not provide emergency locksmith services. On the other hand, almost always we experts.

Call us today to get out of trouble!